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Dolce Vita Hotel Jagdhof

Outdoor holidays in Val Venosta

Without a doubt, the Piris are the most outdoor-enthusiastic hosts in Val Venosta. Hotel boss Martin ‘Piri’ Pirhofer prefers to travel on two wheels in the Val Venosta biking paradise, but increasingly he also likes to go on foot. Ruth is THE authority for everything to do with golf and running.

These outdoor activities are not just hobbies for the two of them to get away from everyday hotel life, but rather a great opportunity to share their passion for being outdoors with their guests.

’We don’t see being a hotelier as a 9 to 5 job, our passion is that of our guests. And running, golfing, hiking or biking together is incredibly fulfilling both for us and for our outdoor-loving guests. This would be described as authenticity in marketing circles, but for us it is something you naturally do,’ say the two Jagdhof hosts.

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